Visit Wildback

Visit Wildback

Wildback is specifically for vocational and emerging creatives and entrepreneurs who either have the Christian faith, have no faith or a different faith.

We do not want to limit who can visit us at Wildback, we ask our partners to allow us to put aside funds to help people who are not currently able to pay the suggested admission donation for being a day visitor or guest. If you are unable to pay the suggested donation, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

When you visit us, our hope is that you will:-

  • Encounter your good Father on a much deeper level
  • Develop your potential
  • Dream with God and discover His plan for your life
  • Allow your belief system to be course corrected
  • Have time to be alone with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit to discover a deeper relationship
  • Unlock creativity, entrepreneurial ideas and resources
  • Release your full Artistic gifting

Wildback is all about finding your rhythm of grace, discovering your commission and being empowered to run the race Father God has given you!

We would love to equip you to help you on your way to fulfilling your God-given calling. While you are with us, we would also love to spend time with you as an individual, to help you realise who you are and why you were placed on this planet at this moment in time!

All our activities and services are specifically for our 'guests and day visitors' (vocational creatives and entrepreneurs, and emerging vocational creatives and entrepreneurs) who either have the Christian faith, have no faith or a different faith. Provided that they understand that the activities/services provided will be underpinned by our Christian belief (outlined in our statement of faith) and accept that they will participate in all the activities/services on that basis. They also understand that they are unable to opt out of any of our activities and services.

The application will help us understand your needs and requirements. So please be as specific and detailed as possible. You can always email us any questions you may have. We may also email you if we require more information.

Please note:

  • All our courses are specifically aimed at vocational and emerging creatives and entrepreneurs. We are unable to offer our courses to everyone else, however, we do have "encounter days" throughout the year that are open to everyone. To find out more about "encounter days", please contact us.
  • Free parking is available from 09.00 through to 16.30 Monday to Friday. Gates to the car park are shut at all other times.
  • When you have filled out the application, we will be in touch with you within 7 days.
  • You will understand that, as a Christian Inner Healing Ministry, we are unable to accommodate any alternative religious worship or practices.
  • Wildback is run by Robin, Tra and family, and as such, you become part of the family when you visit.

IMPORTANT: we are currently unable to offer guest accommodation until we have purchased the first farm.