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God is in a GOOD mood all the time!

I don’t know about you, but ever since I was a young believer, I was brought up thinking that after Adam and Eve sinned God was constantly angry with all of us.

I would hear preaches on God’s judgement and destruction of entire nations in the Old Testament. Even after Jesus dealt with sin on the cross in the New Testament, God was still very angry with us and, if we didn’t turn away from our sin, God would destroy us again. At any moment God could bring down judgement on an unsuspecting person, family, town, city or country, and we just had to accept it.

I have even heard pastors say that the reason one person is healed and not another person is all because God is unpredictable, and works in mysterious ways! That if you lose a loved one, especially a young child, it’s because God wants them back in Heaven to make His garden look pretty, and the reason God gave your child or family member a sickness was a way of bringing Him Glory!

I don’t know about you, but if God is like this, I would find Him very hard to trust, love and obey. I certainly wouldn’t want to call Him Father God.

Now, before you get all upset with me, let me explain where I am going with all this!


Whats with the trinity?

Whats with the trinity?

So just exactly what is the trinity?

So the trinity is Father God, Jesus son and Holy Spirit. They are three persons and they are one, hence why they are called the trinity, which stands for three, but they are also one.

Firstly you need to understand that Father God is God, He is not a man, He is Spirit. Therefore the rules to who He is and how He is are totally different. You can not compare Him to man or woman so you can not be expected to fully understand how the trinity works.


How do I go deeper with God?

How do I go deeper with God?

Ok, so how do I go deeper with God?

The first thing I would recommend you do is stop thinking of Father God as just some unobtainable God in the sky.

The very moment you chose to believe in Jesus, Father God made His home in your heart. If you think about it, Father God is closer to you than anyone else could ever be because He is a permanent resident in your heart.

So now you know how close Father God is, how do you know He actually wants to go deeper with you?


Why we call God, Father God?

Why do we call God, Father God?

We find calling God, just God, very cold and impersonal. Yes He is God, but He is also very much our Father, so we relate to Him that way.

We are adopted sons and daughters with free unlimited access to our loving Father.

Jesus called Father God, Father (Luke 23v34) If you reading the new testament, you can tell the level of deepness and intimacy Jesus has with Father God.

Calling God Father, had a massive impact on my prayer times because I then started to relate to Father being very close and present and not distant like you would maybe imagine God to be.