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Aren’t you glad God doesn’t have an answering machine!

Aren’t you glad that Father God isn’t silent. That when you talk to Father God or pray or even cry out to Father God you don’t hear a machine saying, “Please leave your message and I’ll get back to you!” or even worst, “Please hold, your call is important to us, you are in a cue and are caller number 281,656,431, please hold!”

But I know most of you will be thinking, I wish I could hear Father God speak to me more, and not just when I am in a desperate situation.

People say:

“I just feel so distant from Father God, I am struggling to hear Him!”

“God doesn’t speak to everyone, you have to be special to hear Him!”

“I used to hear Father God’s voices, but I don’t anymore!”

How is it so people hear from God and some people don’t?

The simple truth is Father God is always speaking.

I have heard stories of people who before they even believed in Jesus, in their desperation called out to God and had an encounter where Jesus actually walked into their room and spoke to them face to face and comforted them and gave them hope, saving so many from taking their own lives.

So how is it that when people call out to Father God in their desperation they hear Him? But when they pray or talk to him during the day, its like talking to a brick wall?


How do you make your God times more interesting?

I love spending time with Father God, although it wasn’t always this way. I used to struggle with my God times, I knew I should spend time with Father God, I knew being a Christian I should be having God times but I never really found them that interesting. I used to force myself to get up early or stay up a little later in the evening to squeeze in a few prayers and requests then get on with my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew the importance of spending time with Father God, I just found it difficult to focus and get quiet. Praying, I had down to a fine art, quick and to the point and I even made sure they weren’t totally self centred by throwing in a few prayers for other people as well (just being honest!).

I had started reading books where people mentioned how the most important part of their day was their God time and how some people spent hours and hours just spending time with Father God. So I knew there had to be more as the thought of making my 20 minute God times any more that 20 minutes was going to take a miracle! Why was it that some people just loved having God times and I just didn’t find it that interesting?


While you wait for your promise

While you wait for your promise

So Father gives you a dream or a vision. Just how do you wait for your promise? How do you stay focused on your journey? How do you know you haven’t missed it? Read on to learn about our journey so far!

Tra and I started out on our journey of faith five years ago (2013). I remember sitting down in the lounge of our old house at Christmas time feeling very frustrated and unsatisfied with life. We had been through some tough stuff in 2013, but despite the difficulties we knew Father had more for us. So at this point of looking back over the year we finally just laid all our desires and dreams down before Father God. We started by writing down our passions, what we loved doing, what frustrated us and what we would love to do if money wasn’t an issue. Wildback was born Christmas 2013 and it’s been a crazy ride ever since.

So, for all you dreamers out there just on the edge of stepping out and pursuing your own dreams, I thought I would let you know what we have done so far as you might find it helpful to know before you step out on your own journey.


Does Father God choose not to know you so He can get to know you?

Does Father God deliberately choose not to know us?

Is it possible that Father God so wants a relationship with us that He chooses in His Supreme All-Knowing nature not to know us, so that He can get to know us, just like we get to know Him? Kind of like how He chooses to forget our sin when we ask for forgiveness.

I used to have a very one-sided view of my relationship with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. I used to think that as Father God is All-Knowing, I didn’t need to tell Him how I was feeling or what I was thinking. I just assumed that the God who knows everything, knew everything about me and therefore He knew how I was feeling. So, if this idea that God deliberately chooses not to know us is true, how would this look like?

Let me give you an example : (more…)