Wildback Vision

Wildback Vision

Why Wildback?

Wildback is dedicated to connecting you to the raw presence of Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit where lives will literally be changed forever. When potential is fully realised, creative ideas start to flow, vision becomes reality, lives are changed and the resources of heaven are released. Heaven comes to earth.

At Wildback, we believe we have been called to reignite passion and help uncover the potential Father God has placed within creatives, dreamers and visionaries. We want to awaken courage and boldness so you can confidently step out with the vision Father God has given you.

We believe that Wildback will provide an opportunity to connect you to the Presence of Father God. Surrounded by Father God’s Presence, we believe you will be able to connect on a much deeper level to His creative ideas and the specific vision that He has for you.

Where will Wildback be located?

We believe Wildback will be strategically placed in Scotland. Wildback is not going to be your typical retreat, as such we want to provide tastefully furnished, fully catered accommodation for all our guests. With everything we do, we need Wildback to be in a very rural location with plenty of wildlife and woodland.

Who is Wildback specifically for?

  • Vocational and emerging creatives and entrepreneurs (dreamers and visionaries).

PLEASE NOTE: All our courses are specifically aimed at vocational and emerging creatives and entrepreneurs. We are unable to offer our courses to everyone else, however, we do have 'encounter days' throughout the year that are open to everyone. To find out more about 'encounter days', please contact us.

Wildback Timeline :

December 2013
December 2013

Wildback was born

After much prayer, Wildback was born on the 31st of December 2013.

Since then we have been receiving training, studying, praying and fasting and developing the Wildback vision.

By faith, Tra and Robin closed their business, sold their house (zero equity!) and moved in with Tra's mum.

April 2018


Tra and Robin Knox were commissioned to fulfil their call by Christian International Europe at Glasgow Prophetic Center in Glasow.

September 2018

Wildback C.I.C.

Wildback C.I.C. was offically established on the 1st of September 2018.

July 2019

Phase 1

It's now time to move and get established in Scotland. In order for us to do this, we are now renting a rural farmhouse close to Glasgow.

We are currently believing for £1,800 a month to enable us to live in this rented house in Scotland. If you would like to partner with us financially, please get in touch.

June 2020

Phase 2

Once established in Scotland we need to purchase the farmland. We are looking to raise around £1.8m to initially purchase the land become established

October 2020

Phase 3

We will need to renovate the existing buildings on the farm. We are looking to raise around £650k.

September 2021

Phase 4

We will need to build the new buildings on the farm. We are looking to raise around £4.5m.

Phase 5 - Wales

Below is a sneak peek into the Wildback vision and where we are heading.

Wildback Overview

The concept overview videos below show the style and feel of how Wildback will look when complete.

Concept overview video without commentary

Concept overview video with commentary

Wildback Encounter Venue

At the very centre of Wildback will be a barn, dedicated to seeking Father God and His Presence. Within the barn will be four counselling rooms which will offer additional support for people who need help seeing freedom in areas that could be restricting them from fully experiencing what Father God has for them during their time at Wildback.

Encounter venue without commentary

Encounter venue with commentary

Wildback Art Studios

To help you connect with your creativity, there will be several art studios located in a barn at Wildback.

Arts studios without commentary

Arts studios with commentary

Wildback Music and Video Studios

To help you connect with your creativity, there will be several music and video studios located in a barn at Wildback.

Music & Video studios without commentary

Music & Video studios with commentary

Wildback Isolation Pods

There will be at least eight isolation pods, with amazing and inspiring views, where our guests can be totally alone with Father God and have the necessary time to listen and develop their relationship with Father God.

Isolation Pods without commentary

Isolation Pods with commentary

Wildback Catering & Collaboration Venue

The collaboration venue which is upstairs will be the place where entrepreneurs get together and ideas become established. Downstairs will be the catering and common where guest can enjoy food and social time.

Catering & Collaboration Venue without commentary

Catering & Collaboration Venue with commentary

Wildback Lodges

Fully catered accommodation will be available at Wildback for those who need time to fully connect with the new creative flow Father God has for them. Accommodation will be available for short stays of 1 to 4 weeks for everyone who stays at Wildback. All guests will need to fill out our online application before bookings are confirmed.

Isolation Pods without commentary

Isolation Pods with commentary

Wildback Community Area

We can't do this on our own, which is why we are preparing for the community of people Father God has promised us. So we will be housing up-to 5 couples at a time.

We believe Father God will send us a Community of like-minded individuals and families who want to serve the Wildback vision and invest in all our guests.

To help Wildback run smoothly, the community will need to stay onsite with Robin and Tra, which will mean families relocating to Wildback for periods of 6 to 12 months or longer.

We will also need to provide accommodation for our community. We believe we need to accommodate for at least 4 full-time families as well as a home for Robin and Tra.

Community living area without commentary

Community living area without commentary

Wildback Shop

There will be a shop that will be used to sell art and produce made on the farm, to help bring in additional funds for Wildback.

The shop without commentary

The shop with commentary

Wildback Workshops

Wildback will have its own workshops for woodwork and metalwork, the workshop will also be used for grounds maintenance and upkeep and for those unusual requests from the art studios.

Wildback General Information

Wildback will be open Monday to Friday for day visitors. Guests who stay onsite will be able to stay over the weekend, however, staffing will be reduced to allow staff time off during the weekend.

Even if you do not consider yourself to be a creative, dreamer, visionary or missionary, Father God has a specific plan for you and something significant to say to you about your journey and the amazing plan He has for you. We would love to help you on that journey.

Wildback is going to be a miracle in itself, birthed out of a vision Father God gave Robin and Tra Knox back in 2013. Robin and Tra will live onsite and will be supported by the dedicated community that is committed to helping guests process through what Father God has asked them to do.

Our desire is to see Heaven come to earth and for God’s kids to really know how good He is!