Welcome to Wildback

Wildback provides mentoring, training and equipping to vocational creatives and entrepreneurs and the wider church.

At Wildback we will help uncover your potential, we will awaken courage and boldness so you can confidently step out and fulfil your purpose.

Our purpose:

  • To help established vocational creatives and entrepreneurs, by helping them discover the creativity that we believe God has for them. We believe God wants everyone to be able to benefit from the creativity He has available to them. This will help advance the Christian faith as it will unlock new levels of creativity so they will have an impact on the creative communities they belong to.
  • To help emerging vocational creatives and entrepreneurs who intend to make a vocation out of their creativity. They will discover a new level of creativity that we believe God has for them. This will enable them to advance the Christian faith by benefiting the creative communities they belong to.

How can I give/donate money to Wildback C.I.C:

Wildback C.I.C is currently dormant while Robin and Tra receive training. You will be able to donate one-off or regular monthly donations to Wildback C.I.C. via standing order when Wildback C.I.C becomes active.

How can I give/donate money specifically to Robin and Tra Knox:

If you would like to specifically support Robin and Tra Knox as they continue to step out on their crazy adventure, you can give one off donations by clicking here or monthly donations by clicking here.

Alternatively to find out of how you can specifically help Robin and Tra, you can email them, please click here, please specify that you would like to support Robin and Tra Knox and we will get in contact with you.

We appreciate your financial support to make the Wildback vision possible.

All our activities and services are specifically designed for our 'guests and day visitors' who either have the Christian faith, have no faith or a different faith. Provided that they understand that the activities/services provided will be underpinned by our Christian belief and accept that they will participate in all the activities / services on that basis. They also understand that they are unable to opt-out of any of our activities and services and we are unable to accommodate any alternative religious worship or practices.