About Us

About Us

Wildback is specifically for vocational and emerging creatives and entrepreneurs who either have the Christian faith, have no faith or a different faith.

The vision behind Wildback is to create a place where creatives and entrepreneurs (dreamers and visionaries) can come and connect easily to Father God’s heart, release creativity, get clarity and receive spiritual freedom.

Wildback is all about:

  • Finding your rhythm of grace
  • Discovering your purpose
  • Being empowered to run the race Father God has specifically designed for you

Our desire is to help you on your way to fulfilling your God-given calling, to help you realise just how amazing you are and why you have been placed on this planet at this moment in time!

We have been helping creatives and entrepreneurs (dreamers and visionaries) reconnect back to Father God since 2013.

WildBack meaning:

  • Wild (In a natural state / Not domesticated / Untamed / Lacking Restraint /  A wild idea / Extravagant / Fantastic)
  • Outback (Unfamiliar / Land beyond settled regions / Backbone / Spine / To form the background of roaming wild / Risky).  We were all created to take risks, go beyond our natural restraints and comfort zones and live extraordinary lives.

All the heroes of the faith had a life-changing encounter with God. Having such an encounter changes your life forever, it also affects the people around you and, if you let it, can overspill into towns, cities and nations. People fully devoted and abandoned to see a move of God in their nation will change the world.

Wildback legal structure:

Wildback C.I.C. is a community interest company limited by guarantee. C.I.C.s are limited companies which operate to provide a benefit to the community they serve. Wildback C.I.C. is set up to serve the creative and entrepreneurial community.

As a community interest company, Wildback C.I.C. has an asset lock on all assets:

The Asset Lock is a fundamental feature of Community Interest Companies (CICs). The Asset Lock is designed to ensure that the assets of the CIC (including any profits or other surpluses generated by its activities) are used for the benefit of the community, in our case the creative and entrepreneurial community.

In the event that Wildback C.I.C. was to close, all assets would be transferred to Wildback C.I.C.s designated charity: Mercy Ministries UK, Charity number 1111377.

As Wildback C.I.C. is limited by guarantee, as such operates as a not-for-profit:

  • 80% of the surplus goes back into Wildback C.I.C. to allow it to grow.
  • 10% of the surplus goes towards helping guests who have difficulties paying fees.
  • 10% of the surplus goes to International Network of Prophetic Centers, Scottish Charity Number SC043135.

Wildback C.I.C. is registered in England, company number 11547711. Registered business office:

Wildback C.I.C.
27 Pennyplock,

Can a charitable foundation give to a community interest company?

The Charity Commission has agreed a form of wording, which if adopted would allow a Charitable Foundation to fund a community interest company. The Charity Commission has indicated that the following wording would achieve this aim; however permission from the Charity Commission to this change would be needed.

“to support such charitable institutions or institutions, “not for profit organisations” and community interest companies as the trustees shall in their absolute discretion determine……………. provided that any such support shall be conditional upon it being applied solely for charitable purposes”.


All our courses are specifically aimed at vocational and emerging creatives and entrepreneurs. We are unable to offer our courses to everyone else, however, we do have 'encounter days' throughout the year that are open to everyone. To find out more about 'encounter days', please contact us.