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Support Wildback

Wildback is structured in a way that will ensure longevity of the Wildback vision whilst allowing Wildback to grow safely within a regulated and fully accountable structure.

Wildback Farm is the commercial side of Wildback. Wildback Farm is setup as the holding company for all land and equipment. Wildback Farm is separate from Wildback C.I.C. to reduce the risks of potential legal action or C.I.C. regulatory changes within Company House. Wildback Farm purchases, constructs and maintains all buildings, land and equipment as well as creating different revenue streams that can further fund the Wildback C.I.C. vision.

Wildback C.I.C. is the not-for-profit ministry side of Wildback regulated as a community interest company at Company House. Wildback C.I.C has a board of members that ensure Wildback C.I.C. stays on course and completes its mandate. Wildback C.I.C. operates on Wildback Farm.

Support Wildback Farm

We knew when Father God gave us the Wildback vision that we would be starting from a place of total reliance on Him for everything - including all the funds. We believe Father God has already picked out financial backers for us and He is speaking to people's hearts and will bring in all the finance we need. We believe Wildback Farm will be purchased, refurbished, and expanded completely debt-free.

Wildback Farms policy is to first raise the funds and then to develop new projects, facilities and amenities.

We believe we will first have a base in Scotland, then Wales and eventually Europe. However, in order to get established we plan on renting a large rural farm house in Scotland so we can start to invite guests to stay whilst we purchase the first farm.

We are looking for financial backers who will partner with us to see the Wildback vision come into reality.

What are we asking for?

We need regular monthly gifts and one-off donations to go towards the purchase and refurbishment of Wildback Farm.

What will we use your support for?

  • To initially rent a rural farm house.
  • Buying the farmland in Scotland.
  • Furnishing the farm buildings.
  • Building the encounter venue.
  • Building isolation pods around the farmland.
  • Building lodges around the farmland.
  • Building the art, music and visual studios.
  • Building the catering and collaboration venue.
  • Building the workshop buildings.

How much are we trying to raise?

Initially, we need to raise £1,800 a month to rent our rural farmhouse in Scotland.

We have found a well-located farm in Scotland currently on the market for £1.6m that would be ideal as the first base for Wildback Farm. The farm will enable us to take guests straight away, while also being able to support itself with its already established revenue stream. This will enable us to gradually expand the work of Wildback while also being able to sustain the work of Wildback on a large farm. The farm has so much potential and will enable us to expand with ease.

We will need to spend around £650k on the refurbishment and fitting out of all the existing buildings and around £4.5m on building all the additional buildings, like isolation pods and the encounter venue, lodges and studios.

Support Wildback C.I.C.

After construction is complete on Wildback Farm, Wildback C.I.C will be financially self-sufficient. All operational expenses, maintenance, administrative costs and funded depreciation will be paid from retreat revenue generated by guest fees. Only major capital projects require fundraising after the initial purchase or construction, however these will all be done through Wildback Farm.

We only grow as thoughtful and generous gifts allow...

This will ensure the retreat fees guests pay are minimised to reflect true operating costs. This practice also allows us to develop new projects to a standard of excellence.

What are we asking for?

We need regular monthly support and one-off donations to go towards the paying ministry expenses.

What about monthly support?

We now need regular monthly support to help run Wildback C.I.C.

We also do not want to limit the people who come, we ask that you would consider partnering with us financially to enable us to put aside funds to help people who are not currently able to pay the admission fee for being a day visitor or overnight guest.

Can a charitable foundation give to Wildback C.I.C.?

The Charity Commission has agreed a form of wording, which if adopted would allow a Charitable Foundation to fund a community interest company. The Charity Commission has indicated that the following wording would achieve this aim; however permission from the Charity Commission to this change would be needed.

“to support such charitable institutions or institutions, “not for profit organisations” and community interest companies as the trustees shall in their absolute discretion determine……………. provided that any such support shall be conditional upon it being applied solely for charitable purposes”.

How can I give/donate money to Wildback C.I.C:

You can donate one-off or regular monthly donations to Wildback C.I.C. via standing order. Please use the contact us form and we will email you the bank details.

How can I give/donate money to Robin and Tra Knox:

If you would like to specifically support Robin and Tra Knox as they continue to step out on their crazy adventure, you can give regular monthly support to Robin and Tra Knox via standing order. Please use the contact us form, please specify that you would like to support Robin and Tra Knox and we will email you their bank details.

You can also make a secure one-off donation to Robin and Tra Knox by debit or credit card by clicking on the PayPal button below and simply enter the amount where it says £0.00 and click next.

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We appreciate your financial support to make the Wildback vision possible.