Support Wildback

Support Wildback C.I.C.

After construction is complete on the farm, Wildback C.I.C will be financially self-sufficient. All operational expenses, maintenance, administrative costs and funded depreciation will be paid from retreat revenue generated by guest fees. Only major capital projects require fundraising after the initial purchase or construction, however, these will all be done through Wildback Farm.

We only grow as thoughtful and generous gifts allow...

This will ensure the retreat fees guests pay are minimised to reflect true operating costs. This practice also allows us to develop new projects to a standard of excellence.

What are we asking for?

We need regular monthly support and one-off donations to go towards the paying ministry expenses.

What about monthly support?

We now need regular monthly support to help run Wildback C.I.C.

We also do not want to limit the people who come, we ask that you would consider partnering with us financially to enable us to put aside funds to help people who are not currently able to pay the admission fee for being a day visitor or overnight guest.

Can a charitable foundation give to Wildback C.I.C.?

The Charity Commission has agreed a form of wording, which if adopted would allow a Charitable Foundation to fund a community interest company. The Charity Commission has indicated that the following wording would achieve this aim; however permission from the Charity Commission to this change would be needed.

“to support such charitable institutions or institutions, “not for profit organisations” and community interest companies as the trustees shall in their absolute discretion determine……………. provided that any such support shall be conditional upon it being applied solely for charitable purposes”.

How can I give/donate money to Wildback C.I.C:

Wildback C.I.C is currently dormant while Robin and Tra receive training. You will be able to donate one-off or regular monthly donations to Wildback C.I.C. via standing order when Wildback C.I.C becomes active.

How can I give/donate money to Robin and Tra Knox:

To specifically support Robin and Tra Knox, please visit wildback Farm.

We appreciate your financial support to make the Wildback vision possible.