Support Wildback

Support Wildback

Wildback is structured in a way that will ensure longevity of the Wildback vision whilst allowing Wildback to grow safely within a regulated and fully accountable structure.

Wildback Farm is the commercial side of Wildback. Wildback Farm is setup as the holding company for all land and equipment. Wildback Farm is separate from Wildback C.I.C. to reduce the risks of potential legal action or C.I.C. regulatory changes within Company House. Wildback Farm purchases, constructs and maintains all buildings, land and equipment as well as creating different revenue streams that can further fund the Wildback C.I.C. vision. Wildback Farm is trading as Wildback Partnership.

How can I give/donate money to Wildback Partnership

To send Robin and Tra a one-off gift, please click here

To support Robin and Tra monthly, please click on the amount below and you will be redirected to Stripe our secure banking service :
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We appreciate your financial support to make the Wildback vision possible.

Wildback C.I.C. is the not-for-profit ministry side of Wildback regulated as a community interest company at Company House. Wildback C.I.C has a board of members that ensure Wildback C.I.C. stays on course and completes its mandate. Wildback C.I.C. operates on Wildback Farm.

PLEASE NOTE WILDBACK C.I.C. is currently dormant.