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Wildback Founder, Company Partner Tra

Tra has always been surrounded by creativity: From singing childhood songs with her mum at the piano to pursuing a design degree. She went to visit her first studio in Hereford at 18 as she wanted to be a sound engineer but the nearest course was London and it was too far for this country girl. In her early twenties, she left the countryside and joined a charity in Bristol where she met Robin and that is where their story began. After a few years, Tra left the charity and went on to study design in Wales and is now a screen printer and designer.

Wildback Founder, Company Partner Robin

Robin has always had engineering around him. His dad, used to work as a VT engineer at HTV where Robin spent most of his early childhood. His family are all musical (imagine the Von Trapp family from the Sound of music) so he grew up in a very creative environment. Robin started mixing sound professionally at the age of 18. Through his work with a charity in Bristol. Robin also discovered his love for studio mixing, so was either on tour mixing live sound or in the studio mixing albums.

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The Wheelhouse

We have known and worked with Matt and Sarah (business owners in the united states) for some time now, so we are truly delighted to be able to partner with them as they bring an amazing fresh look to the marketplace.

Matt and Sarah help us offer entrepreneurial mentoring services to businesses around the world.

It is a privilege to be able to work with them.

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Restoration Ranch

LeeAnn is currently establishing Restoration Ranch and has been a close friend of ours for several years. It has been our privilege to be able to walk along side her as her ministry has taken off.

LeeAnn is one of God's true loud prophets and she is the voice of reason in our lives.

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We are honoured to be able to do life and associate with Holly through our ministry.

Holly has to be one of the most passionate, hungry, devoted and not forgetting funny people we know. If you have been blessed by Holly in any way, you can send her a gift securely and easily with a debit or credit card by using PaypalMe, please click on the link below.