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Session 10 My Secret Place - Shore of the beach

My Secret Place Exercise: Session 10 I see the shore of the beach. I see the stream in Colorado Springs where I like to go and call my secret place. Jesus: You are in hiding there. Come out to the beach. Be bold. You are part of a bigger environment. Lord, I have believed a lie that I must go on this journey alone because of the testimonies of missionaries and people that have gone before me. I forgive those who have given a bad report about You and about their journeys, for instilling fear.Truth: They didn't know You, Jesus. There are a million places to meet on the beach. Where do You want me to meet You today? From the tide pool, everything looks overwhelmingly big. My fear is that I am not adequate. That I will be in danger. Answer: You felt this same way in high school and with friends who did not have your best in mind. I forgive Deanna, Tom, Cliff, Steve, Mom, Dad, Patsy, Roger, A.J., Ricky, Terry and Stella. I forgive them and release them from the debt I believe they owed me. I forgive Linda R. for rejecting, abandoning, and devaluing me. I release her from the debt she owes me. She owes me nothing now. Jesus, where were You in my jr. high and high school years? Answer: I waited for you at Irwins on a stool at the fountain. I knew you liked fresh limeades.

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Wildback Team

There is deep healing happening in the midst of your secret place encounter, love it. Thank you for sharing and being venerable as this will encourage others to do the same and to illustrate that this is all part of the reason why you go to your secret place.