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LeeAnn Tullis - Restoration Ranch

I cannot thoroughly express the growth that comes through Wildback's Seeing In the Spirit courses. It is hard to explain the depth and the width that is experienced in these moments as Robin teaches about and facilitates these encounters into the realm of the Spirit. He approaches this with safety, as he always makes sure that Jesus is in the lead. I marvelled as I "saw" the unveiling of these spiritual experiences. There are adventures that are available for us in the heavenlies which have no end as we choose to encounter them. We are partnered with the Trinity as they open up revelation to us about them, our lives and what they might want us to be aware of, or part of. It is in this broadening of our mind and the recognition of the possibilities that our ability is revealed for us to enter into this mysterious realm of heavenly dimensions. It is here that we actually see what is taking place in the Kingdom of God which is our inheritance and where we have come from. You will become very comfortable in navigating this, at first, uncharted territory if you are a beginner and even if you are more advanced you will be challenged to "open your eyes" even further. I strongly suggest these courses to anyone who has "Spiritual Eyes to See", and I speak from experience.

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